Persian Gulf Conflict Could Send Oil Beyond $325 7 July 2019 The possibility of Iran attempting to close the Strait of Hormuz to tanker traffic has increased significantly in recent weeks, as has the possibility of a Persian Gulf War, especially with the Islamic Republics’ intentional destruction of a U.S. surveillance drone on June 20. To read more:

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Putin’s $40 Oil Lie 13 June 2019 Much has been made of President Vladimir Putin’s recent claim that crude oil prices are acceptable at present levels, and the Russian economy could even weather $40 per barrel. Many oil market “tea leaf readers” have taken this to mean Putin has caved to the demands of his country’s oil oligarchs […]

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Trudeau Minority Government Next?

JWN Energy Group’s Daily Oil Bulletin 21 May 2019 The Liberal Party is trailing in the polls, and based on history our natural ruling party will do whatever it takes to shore up support prior to the federal election on or before October 21, including throwing Western Canada’s oil industry under the bus yet again. […]

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